Holiday Specials - Boudoir and Glamour

It's that time of the year again! I'm teaming up with amazing makeup artists to offer anyone in the Tri-state area boudoir/glamour/sexy/artsy/weird photos especially geared for wicked gifts for a significant other. Boudoir with me is not a typical glamour shot, I'm all about working with you to find out what sexy means to you and then amplify it. Super risqué or super sweet, it's up to you. Each shot is seeped in my style and aesthetic. 

If surprises aren't your thing, I also work with couples on memorable experiences and artifacts to remember 2015. 

Full package includes makeup and a photo session at a location of your choice - hotel, apartment, woods, whatever – plus edited shots (up to 10) for $300.

If you'd like to work in-studio or have my provide a hotel add $200. 

Any questions pop me an email and definitely share with your friends. 

Working with Me - The Process

Hiring a photographer isn't something most people do daily so I'll outline the general process so the black box disappears and morphs into a fun, productive experience. I typically shoot in-studio in Manhattan and Brooklyn but will travel to all of the five boroughs for location work.

Steps to Take and What to Expect

  1. Use the contact form on my Booking page or shoot me an email at john.m.kester [at] This gets the process rolling. A few things to include [if you know them]:
    • Timeline
    • Budget
    • Type of Shoot
    • Location [are we scouting a location or working in-studio?]
    • Goals [what would you like to achieve]
  2. Consultation. If you're looking for something straightforward I'll be in touch with an estimate and proposed timeline. If I have questions about what you're looking for, I'll suggest some time for us to chat, either by phone or in person.
  3. Book it and shoot it! When we book, I'll make recommendations specific to the type of shoot we're doing.
  4. Receive your photos! Two weeks from the shoot you'll receive a private link to your edited photos. You can download the photos for use on the web and any social media platforms. Additionally, you can purchase prints from wallet to huge wall hanging sizes.
  5. Tell your friends about how awesome the experience was! I'm just getting started on Yelp! and would love your feedback. Sharing my Facebook page with friends is always a good thing.


Will you shoot my wedding?
After shooting my share of weddings I've figured out what works best for me and it's typically small, personal events. I have a unique vision and artistry. If my work and style speaks to you, reach out to me and let's have a chat.

How Do I Prep for a Boudoir Session?
Planning out wardrobe or a fitting with one of my stylists is a good first step. Props and fabrics complete the planning stage. Once you feel good about the looks, play around with them at home! Check yourself out in a mirror and see what it looks like when you move your body around in different ways.

On the day of the session, be sure not to wear any constrictive clothing or clothing that leaves marks on your body. If we're working with a makeup artist come fresh-faced.

Do you pay models?
It depends on the project. Usually I advise clients in the hiring of models and they work directly with them. If I'm looking for a very specific look for a personal or fine art project, I will certainly pay someone to model.

I have the start of a concept, can you help me flesh it out?
You bet. I've worked as a creative professional in graphic design, art direction, photography and website development for almost a decade so I know how to take a concept and elevate it. I'm happy to talk about off-the-wall, crazy or crazy-simple ideas and executions.

What should I expect during the session?
Sessions are tailored to each person based on the goals for the photos. Whether we're working in-studio, on-location or at your space, it's important to have some time to get familiar in front of the camera and working with me. You can expect professionalism and if a session is intimate I'll always ask beforehand if my female assistant can be on-set. You can also expect to have a good time. Art never equals boring.

Rock Bandits

Andy Lion + Alexandra Rock in their downtime from the Rock-N-Roll Lifestyle. Shot in Jacksonville, Florida sometime before 2011.

Makeup and Styling by Trinity Baker Set by Julie Beasley

Blair Richardson making an early-morning-after-a-late-night call. It's all part of living the life. 

Makeup by Michal May Styling by Blair Richardson

The Skraelings are a revolution of music; based out of the fallout zone known as Jacksonville, Florida.

The Starlight Girls are from Bushwick and they have super legs.